Workout Like a Hollywood Star!

Everyone has idols, role models, or people who inspire you to achieve something. More often than not, these people are well-known personalities, movie stars, or sportsmen/women. And we know you’re dying to know what your favourite one does to look the way they do, to make your troubles easier we have picked out 6 such unique personalities to give you an insight into what keeps your favorite celebrity fit and in shape.

The Importance of Leg Day

Many may not be aware that the lower body is home to some of the largest muscles in the body – quads, hamstrings, Glutious Maximus, etc. So working on and challenging your lower body will give you stronger glutes, athletic quads, healthy hamstrings, and toned calves. As evidence, we present to you few key benefits of training your lower body and why you must never miss LEG DAY!

Abhishek Nayar talks to Fiticket about his fitness regime, IPL and teammates

A day before a match –always a yellow T-shirt for dinner. A man who kissed his bicep on his first 100 for Mumbai, A Rocky Balboa fan. Someone who has always helped people in achieving their goals. He has set up an academy that coaches underprivileged budding cricketers. The youngsters of the current Mumbai team swear by his presence. We speak to Abhishek Nayar, who has helped Rohit Sharma, Shreyas Iyer and many others conquer their fitness and cricket goals.

Your guide to the fitness DON’Ts for 2016

Three months into the New Year and you have all your fitness goals and targets planned out - you’ve got the enthusiasm, the time, and have already started working towards most of them. We have identified a few common mistakes that we have seen colleagues, friends, and gym buddies make and if you’re making any of these, NOW is the best time to stop.

Marathon 101- Tricks of the Trade for a Successful (first) Run

Running a marathon is an enjoyable sport for people from all walks of life and for people who are already fit and willing to undergo rigorous training, a marathon is an achievement/goal one can work toward. For first timers running a marathon can be a daunting experience, but with the right kind of motivation, planning, and training it can be a fun and achievable goal.

15 Healthy New Year resolutions

It’s a whole new year, 365 days of possibilities! With all the revelry and merrymaking come the resolutions, promises that people make to themselves to better different areas of their life in the coming year. More often than not, being healthy and staying fit rank high among the list of resolutions for a majority of people. In such times, pay heed to the adage “start small”. So here’s a list of 15 healthy new year resolutions that can help you get on track and reach your goal!