What is Fiticket?

Fiticket is an exclusive fitness membership that provides access to the best fitness classes in the city. Now you can use multiple gyms and studios with one easy membership. A Fiticket user gets access to hundreds of gyms/studios and thousands of activities, with new ones being added everyday! It�s time to rethink your gym membership. Fiticket lets you diversify your workout routine for the best results! Hurry! Grab your spot in the Fiticket community now!

How can I use Fiticket?
It�s very simple! To become a member all you have to do is purchase your very own Fiticket. To do so log on to our website or download the mobile app for iOS or Android. For assistance contact us on [email protected]
For how long is my ticket valid?
A Fiticket monthly membership is valid for a period of one month from the day you book your first class. For example, If you purchase a Fiticket membership on January 6th and book your first class on January 10th, your membership cycle will start on the 10th and will be valid till February 9th. Want to know more, call +91 7506959346/47 or email [email protected] to get in touch with a Fiticket officer. When you begin new membership month, you can re visit your favorite classes (and many more)! [Ps.- Can�t get enough? If you are interested in a quarterly, half yearly or annual membership, contact a member of the team on [email protected]]
How many classes can I use in a month as a Fiticket member?
A Fiticket member gets access to an UNLIMITED number of classes in one membership month. You can use as many classes as you like from our partner gyms and studios and you can use the same studio/gym up to 3 times in one membership month. Why we do this? A combination of various activities provides the best results! Diversify your workout routine for maximum benefits and fun!
How can I book a class?

It�s simple! All classes can be booked at the touch of a button. To book a class all you have to do is login to your Fiticket account on the mobile app or login on www.fiticket.com . Once you have selected your class, click the book and confirm buttons. You will receive a confirmation mail to confirm your spot in the class. Please note: The class timings are subject to change at the discretion of the gym/ studio.

Can I make a booking anytime?
Yes! You can book a spot at your favorite class up to 1 hour prior to commencement of the class. Please Note: Classes cannot be booked at the venue. To attend a class as a Fiticket member you must book your spot via the mobile app or website. Experiencing a problem while booking? Our Fiticket officer will be happy to help � contact us on [email protected] or call/ Whatsapp on +91 7506959346/47.
Can a friend use my Fiticket membership?

A Fiticket membership is non-transferable. Encourage your friends to purchase their very own Fiticket membership and help them #stayfit. Now you and your friends can sweat it out together!

What is the Fiticket class cancellation policy?
Can�t make it to the class? No sweat � just cancel anytime upto 1 hour prior to the class. This will make the spot available to a fellow member of the Fiticket community.
The class I want to book is not available � What should I do?

Class full? Browse our class listings for a similar class or try something new! We have thousands of exciting classes available. There�s something for everyone. Each class can accommodate a limited number of spots at a given time. To ensure you get a spot in your favorite class we recommend booking ahead of time.

Do you have a mobile app?

Yes! We have an iPhone and android app that enables Fiticket members to book classes on the go and at the simple touch of a button. Click here for the iOS version or Click here for the android version.